Arrival (ANYONE may join!)

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Arrival (ANYONE may join!) Empty Arrival (ANYONE may join!)

Post  Natalia Arlovskaya on Mon Nov 07, 2011 6:11 pm

Natalia finally stopped walking. She had arrived at her new destination, and this new city looked like a good one. She had been chased out by the police of the last city she was in, for alleged arson, theft, and harrassment. But this place had no record of any previous offenses. She hoped.

Her first step was to set up camp, and then look for clues regarding the wherabouts of her dearest, precious Brother. There were plenty of schools in this place, it was possible that her Brother attended one of them. Natalia grinned to herself as she checked to see if her trusty dagger was still in her pocket, excited for times to come....
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