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Post  Hyung Soo on Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:01 pm

Your nice name that you will like to be known as in the OOC: Nya . . . just call me Kt or Katie o-o my email gives it away but it`s linked to mah phone xP
Contact: katiebeez@hotmail.com
Timezone: GMT (6:00)
Likes -- NKorea/Russia =3 basically anything that involves any of the Koreans
China likes Korean dramas. I simply love watching Korean dramas =D
Dislikes -- Jeez I don't really dislike anything
Willing to do -- whoever, doesn`t really matter
MSN?: Yea I go on it time to time o3o
Are you a popo, or a criminal?*NEW OPTION!* Civilian! -- I IZZH A POPO!!

Character Name/Nation: Im Hyung Soo (Shamefully Yong`s older twin brother .___.)

My Audition:
When Hyung heard the footsteps of the unknow person, or thing, fade he thought Wouldn't it be safer to go up? He looked up then nodded and looked over the railing to make sure nothing was coming up. Once Hyung was reasured that the coast was clear, he started to dash up the stair well. He didn't care if he was heard, he just wanted to get out and see what was happening. He hadn't been out for a month, he locked himself in a closet when he heard the terrible screams, those terrible, yet somewhat pleasing, screams. He knew something has happened to the experiment, that something went terribly wrong, that was when people began to report killings, murders, all around. But now it was 2 months from then, Hyung didn't know what was happening to his city, he had to know.

The blinding light killed all the darkness that once filled the stone stair well once Hyung pushed open the fire door on the last floor, the roof. He ran to the edge of the building and saw complete devastation. Fire was crawling along the oil streaking across the pavement, windows upon the many buildings shattered, and the zombies, they were every where. The bodies of those who struggled littered the streets, their limps ripped off their beings, only held on by the thin threads of flesh that still existed and their mouths and eyes, well almost everything, has been sewn together. Hyung only got a few moments to comprehend all that had happened in a short time, when his body crumpled in pain, making him gasp in pain. His arms wrapped around his torso and his hands gripped his sides tightly as he gaped again when the pain of being stabed ripped through his chest. Then his head burned, and felt as though it were about to explode, that's when his body went fuzzy and numb, but felt warm, yet cold, as if he has been holding his breath for the entire time. Then, all went black, as his mind faded from consciousness.

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Post  Wang Yao on Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:57 pm

*bows down to you a bit* This is the second time I have seen a North Korea, and I'm happy to say you have be accepted!
Welcome to popotalia!
Be sure to go post your pairing likes and dislikes on the topic here, and set a rp profile, and go to the chat box in or the OOC forum we have here!
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