Become one with my Tryout, Da?

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Become one with my Tryout, Da? Empty Become one with my Tryout, Da?

Post  Ivan Braginski on Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:17 am

(( this is Lovino's second account to everyone who doesn't know =3= Sorry for taking so long on the tryout, I just felt so uninspired with the audition part kafjifiaf ;^; writing skills y u no good))

Your nice name that you will like to be known as in the OOC: Kii or Specs
Likes: Spamano, Amerius, HRE/Chibitalia, Gerita, PruHun, Giripan, Poliet, Cankraine
Dislikes: Overly cracky pairings, incest and Prussia/Russia
China Loves Korean Dramas
Willing to do: Anything but Prussia/Russia
Skype?: Yep.
Msn?: Yep.
Are you a popo, or a criminal? Popo~

Character Name/Nation: Ivan Braginski, Иван Брагински, Russia,ect

My Audition:

Winter days like this is what Ivan enjoyed most. Painted white skies, delicate, fluffy snow falling, and bitter temperatures that felt sweet on his skin. The best part about winter is that the crime rate was lowest, so he had a lot of time to lollygag during holidays. Ivan just strolled along a rather empty street (which is rare for the bustling city of HetaCity), humming the tune to Korobeiniki, undistur-
“Heeeeeeeeeeeelp!” A hysterical woman stumbled out of the building a few meters down from where Ivan was, and ran towards the Russian. She clutched his winter jacket, looking up at him with tears rimming her eyes. “Helpppp me! My husband...he's being robbed!” Ivan took a step back, and smiled.
“Da, I'll fix it.” Ivan ran towards the jewelry store door and snuck in, hoping the criminal wouldn't notice his presence so he could just ambush him. Unfortunately, the Russian forgot about the dreadful 'ding~!' doors make when they're opened in stores, which caused the criminal to jump up, and face him. Curse words flew from his mouth as he quickly turned and made his way towards the back door, running at full speed. Ivan ran after him in full speed, as well, nearly tripping on the traumatized storekeeper.
The criminal ran through the back alley way, occasionally looking back at the Russian running after him. Ivan was slightly faster then him, so he was creeping up on the criminal slowly.
“Come on~ It'll be so much easier if you just give it up~!” Ivan called after him in a playful voice. However, the reply back was a hoarse “Fuck off!”
The criminal took a sharp turn, except ending up in a dead end. Ivan skidded to a stop, cornering the criminal.
“I guess you'll have to give up now~”
Ivan readied his handcuffs, but the criminal wouldn't give up just yet. He lunged towards the Russian, knocking him to the ground, and taking the advantage of escaping the other way. However, Ivan reached his arm out to trip the delinquent, making his plan backfire. Quickly, Ivan got up to handcuff him.
“Ah~ You must have hit your head hard~.” Ivan laughed childishly at the criminal and called his partner to get a ride back to the station.
Ivan Braginski
Ivan Braginski

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Become one with my Tryout, Da? Empty Re: Become one with my Tryout, Da?

Post  Wang Yao on Sun Aug 21, 2011 10:13 pm

Sorry this took so long, I kinda died xD
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