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Post  L u d w i g on Tue Jun 14, 2011 1:27 am

What would you like to be known as when OOC -- Genesis or Ludwig are fine.
Contact --
Likes -- I personally, am not big on canon pairings, other than USUK. I prefer.. different pairings such as Germany/France, Germano, Finland/Sweden, Spain/Belarus, Prussia/Latvia, Russia/Europe. The list varies on such oddities the farther it goes, but worry not, it's no where near as strange as Sealand/Ancient Rome.
China would like you all to know that he enjoys Korean dramas, That is all.
Dislikes -- GerIta, AmeCan and PruCan; none of which I necessarily hate, I just don't care for them.
Willing to do -- Nearly anything but GerIta, unless we get a rather persistent Italy, then maybe.. or Shinatty-chan/Germany, it's just -- no, just no.
Skype? -- Yes.
MSN? -- Yes.
Popo or criminal? -- Criminal. It'd be too odd to split up the German bros, (Not to mention all the angst they'd be..), and quite frankly, I'm tired of always having the "good guy".

Character name/Nation -- Ludwig / Germany ( Bundesrepubik of Deutcshland )

Audition --

Ludwig sighed, pushing his weight against the metallic door behind him. He stared down at his feet, quietly listening for any signs of him being discovered. Outside, he could hear chatty waitresses gossiping about this and that to patrons. Cars honking at each other as traffic begans to slow. The sirens in the distance.

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